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Property Division in a Divorce – ebook

Money makes the world go around, and it also drives much of divorce litigation. It is not the only factor in divorces (because children, sex, power, and ego are involved too), but it is a major issue. Texas family law is complex when it comes to property division. It also changes quite frequently, so be careful. Courts can only divide Community Property in a divorce. Community Property is a concept passed down from the Roman Empire to its province of Spain, thru the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, and thru the Mexican administration of Texas.Separate Property is all property that you own that is NOT Community Property. A Court CANNOT give your Separate Property to your spouse. You take your Separate Property ‘off the top’ of any property division and divide the rest.

What to expect from this ebook?

  1. Dividing stock in a divorce.
  2. Dividing of community property in a divorce.
  3. Dividing business in a divorce

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  • Houston: 713.275.7830
  • Austin: 512.320.9160
  • Dallas: 469.250.0447