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How Much Your Case Will Cost – ebook

A common misconception is that all attorneys want to do is run off with your money. As a matter of fact, many attorneys are pretty evasive when it comes to being upfront with you about the estimated costs of your lawsuit. When you landed on an attorney’s website or were otherwise exposed to the attorney, you were likely in the market for or shopping around for, an attorney to assist you with your legal matter. I am sure that not only do you consider the attorney’s credentials when looking for the best fit; you probably also consider the costs.Walters Gilbreath, PLLC is a firm that provides our clients with a list of approximate costs for the litigation. What will it cost to hire an experienced attorney? What about filing fees? Will you break the bank paying
for process servers? Download the ebook to find out your answer.

What to expect from this ebook?
1. Estimated litigation costs.
2. Estimated cost per phase

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  • Houston: 713.275.7830
  • Austin: 512.320.9160
  • Dallas: 469.250.0447