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What is Jury Trial? – ebook

Jury Trial is a trial in which a jury is selected through a process called, “voire dire”. There are several elements of your family law case that a jury can decide so your attorney will get the opportunity to address the jury.

If Your Answer is ‘Yes’ to Any of the Following Questions, a Trial by Jury is Likely the Better Option:

Can you relate to a jury? Better yet, could a jury relate to you?
Are you comfortable testifying in the presence of other people?
Does your case have “sympathetic facts”?
Do you think that a jury of your peers would agree with your stance on the case?
Is your attorney experienced in trying Texas jury trials to a verdict?
Has your attorney successfully tried at least 5 jury trials in Texas to a verdict? If not, you should seek an attorney with experience with trying jury trials to a verdict.
Do you have enough money saved or available to fund the jury trial?
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Download the ebook to know more ‘Jury Trial’.
What to expect from this ebook?
1. Jury Trial or Bench Trial?
2. Cost of Jury Trial.
3. Judge or Jury: Which is better for you?

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