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What is Jury Trial? – ebook

Jury Trial is a trial in which a jury is selected through a process called, “voire dire”. There are several elements of your family law case that a jury can decide so your attorney will get the opportunity to address the jury.

If Your Answer is ‘Yes’ to Any of the Following Questions, a Trial by Jury is Likely the Better Option:

Can you relate to a jury? Better yet, could a jury relate to you?
Are you comfortable testifying in the presence of other people?
Does your case have “sympathetic facts”?
Do you think that a jury of your peers would agree with your stance on the case?
Is your attorney experienced in trying Texas jury trials to a verdict?
Has your attorney successfully tried at least 5 jury trials in Texas to a verdict? If not, you should seek an attorney with experience with trying jury trials to a verdict.
Do you have enough money saved or available to fund the jury trial?

Download the ebook to know more ‘Jury Trial’.
What to expect from this ebook?
1. Jury Trial or Bench Trial?
2. Cost of Jury Trial.
3. Judge or Jury: Which is better for you?

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