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Interstate Cases – ebook

The UCCJEA has its beginnings in the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act(UCCJA). It was first introduced in 1968, and by 1981 every state had adopted the UCCJA. The UCCJA was created to reduce interstate traveling during a divorce with children.

What Does the UCCJEA Apply to?

The Texas Family Code states that it applies to child custody determinations. A court order, judgment, or divorce decree can constitute a child custody determination in Texas. On the other hand, it does not apply to situations of juvenile delinquency or enforcement provisions. Click on the download button to know more about “Interstate Child Custody Case”.
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 What to expect from this ebook?

  1. What is UCCJEA?
  2. What does it apply to?
  3. What Happens in a UCCJEA Case When the Child is Out of State?


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  • Houston: 713.275.7830
  • Austin: 512.320.9160
  • Dallas: 469.250.0447