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International Cases – ebook

In a globalized world with advanced communication technology, it has become increasingly common for people to get married to nationals of foreign countries. Often times, native couples would also move to other countries in search of better jobs, education or to pursue other life goals. When disagreements or conflicts arise in their family relations, all these things which were typically considered to be simple family matters quickly convert to international ones. International divorces can be very complex and difficult to resolve as each case presents unique, multifaceted fact scenarios.

International (Parental) Child Abduction

International Child Abduction is when a parent (who does not have the legal right to do so) removes the child to another country without an applicable defense. Whenever there arises a situation involving international child abduction, the primary means of redress is through the Hague Convention. Click the button to download the ebook.
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      What to expect from this ebook?

  1. Filing for International divorce/custody in Texas.
  2. Foreign premarital agreement
  3. The validity of a foreign divorce in Texas.

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