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Client Reviews

“Take it from our former clients – We work hard to provide utmost satisfaction. You can read reviews posted by clients on Avvo, Yelp & Google Places”.

A Sampling of Client Reviews for Brian: A++ 

Outstanding Law Firm

“The entire staff was very responsive and professional. Brian answered any questions that i had day or night and even met with me on the weekend. I highly recommend Walters Law firm to anyone in need of family law”. – Eric

Mr Brian Walters

“Brian is an excellent lawyer he was very knowledgeable & very helpful with everything, & his team was very nice about helping me with anything I needed at any moment & they kept updated through the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with a family issue”. –Austin

No Leaf Unturned

“All of the reviews given towards this man are absolutely accurate and warranted—Brian and his staff were the epitome of team workers and never left me in the dark or uninformed on the process/issues proposed by opposing counsel. Truly to sum it up in one word, FANTASTIC and would recommend him to anyone needing a divorce attorney…period!”  –Scott

The Best Lawyer Ever

“I was very impressed with Brian and his staff. He has been attentive and thorough in his communication with me and others throughout the entire process. I knew he represented the best interest in me. The staff was super friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family members without hesitation”. –Song

Highly Recommended Lawyer

“I would like to thank Brian and his entire team for a job well done. His expertise and compassion made this difficult situation an easy transition. Brian and his staff were knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone needing legal expertise”. –Terry

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A Sampling of Client Reviews for Jake: A++

 Honest level-headed counsel able to win against Becky Beaver Firm

“Jake was great help coming late into my 2-year long proceeding to win a 50/50 custody agreement against the Becky Beaver firm. His counsel was honest and robust with the level-headed approach which was successful to negotiate a satisfactory custody agreement. Before Jake got involved my case went sideways do an unpleasant experience with an arbitrator, beware in agreeing to an arbitrator in my case I would not agree to have an arbitrator for to remedy a mediated settlement agreement in the future as you give up your right to a fair court proceeding with the proper due process. Jake was successful at negotiating and taking the proper steps to make up for the gross mishandling of the arbitrator in our case.” –Antonia

Professional and Passionate

“Jake nailed my specific needs. His honesty regarding family law provided me confidence while making decisions. Accessing Jake was easy- he was quick and thorough with communication. His experience with the delicate part of the law offered comfort to my family/me when it was most needed”. Great guy! –David

Very Responsive

“Being in a custody battle is painful, hurtful and stressful. I was served to go to court and had a very short amount of time to hire a lawyer. I am thankful Jake responded and met me over the weekend. He took a firm approach but understood my anxiety”. –Josseline

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A Sampling of Client Reviews for Jim: A++

Compassionate, Knowledgeable and Professional

“Jim is an exceptional attorney with his client’s utmost interest at heart. From the beginning, through the time he brought my case to closure, Jim displayed such care and attention to detail. He will shepherd you through a very difficult and emotional process with nothing but grace, compassion, and competence. His character is remarkable and you will be in excellent hands, even at ease, with Jim by your side. He has great command of the law and how it will apply to your situation plus the ability to be empathetic and firm at the same time. His integrity and trustworthiness will not only make you feel comfortable but create a true sense of respect for his judgment and expertise. He will explain all your complex legal issues in a clear and concise manner with prompt follow-up and an attention to detail that is unsurpassed. Jim is the type of person you will never forget. I will always be forever grateful for all he has done”. –Shannon

Caring, sharp, and detailed oriented

“Jim Piper is an outstanding attorney. He helped with my divorce and subsequent custody arrangements and was vital during my trial to modify/terminate custody due to my childrens’ father’s recent involvement with drugs. He was quick to reply and calmed my nerves throughout the hearing. He is as sharp as a tack with an excellent attention to detail. He was quick to point out every discrepancy in the other party’s testimonies and knew exactly what needed to be done. He had the entire hearing under control and I never once felt uneasy about it. Jim is a fantastic trial lawyer who I would recommend to anyone in a custody battle”. –Catherine

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A Sampling of Client Reviews for Nick: A++

Awesome Attorney! Would highly recommend!!!

“Nicholas Traylor was a great lawyer. He explained the whole process to me and was always available for any questions I had. When I first hired him I had to call him pretty late a couple of times and he always picked up or called me back immediately, he was a big help! He also was always available via text or email. I’m really happy he was my attorney! I would really recommend Nicholas Traylor and the Walters Law Firm!”.  –Larissa

Attorney Highly Recommended

“Nicholas Traylor was the best attorney to handle my divorce case, which became complicated very fast. Divorce is life changing and it’s very important to choose someone you trust to work diligently for you best possible outcome.Nick was available at all times, prepared and met with me prior to court dates and wanted to know what I wanted and let me know what my options were. Filings, responses, etc. all done in a timely manner. My calls “always” returned the same day. I did achieve the best possible outcome through the diligent work and dedication of Nick Traylor”. Thanks again.  –Silva

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A Sampling of Client Reviews for Robert: A++

Great Lawyer

“Mr. Tsai is very professional, knowledgeable and supportive. He was always quick to respond to any question that I had and put me at ease when walking me through my divorce. After my case was closed, I had some issues with child support, Mr. Tsai was still willing to help me out without charging me an additional fee. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Tsai”.  –Josephine

Excellent Attorney

“Robert went above and beyond. He put me at ease and helped me to feel confident about my case. If I ever had concerns or questions, he was available to address them. He was very knowledgeable and informed. In the end, I was able to get the outcome I was looking for in my custody modification. If I ever have to obtain an attorney in the future, he would be my first choice”.  –Angela

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