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Client Reviews

Take it from my former clients – I work hard and do very well for my client.  You can read reviews posted by our clients on AvvoYelp & Google Places.

A sampling of Client Reviews for Brian – A++

Outstanding Attorney


“In a matter of a week Brian leveled the playing field, both he and Haylee talked me through some really out of the blue circumstances and never, ever wavered.” -Maria

Accessible, Knowledgeable, and Straightforward


“In this stressful situation he was calm and secure in his ability to help me win, this gave us a more at ease feeling. THANK YOU!” – Crystal

Acute and experienced


“Brian Walters is an amazing attorney. This review is going to be slightly long, so please bear with me, but I feel a short review would not do proper justice to how well Brian handled my divorce case.” -Pete

Excellent Attorney


“Brian Walters and all of his staff are wonderful. Brian is very dedicated to your case. He is honest and caring and extremely efficient. When I call or email he is quick to get back with me.” -Lisa


Look no further. Brian is the best!


“Mr. Walters was the consummate professional. At a stressful time in my life, he was there to “walk me through” the system and to be my advocate in court. I’m afraid the court would have eaten me alive had Mr. Walters not been there for me.” -Robert

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Check out more of Jake’s reviews from AVVO & Google

A sampling of Client Reviews for Jake – A++

 Honest level-headed counsel able to win against Becky Beaver Firm

Jake was great help coming late into my 2-year long proceeding to win a 50/50 custody agreement against the Becky Beaver firm. His counsel was honest and robust with the level-headed approach which was successful to negotiate a satisfactory custody agreement. Before Jake got involved my case went sideways do an unpleasant experience with an arbitrator, beware in agreeing to an arbitrator in my case I would not agree to have an arbitrator for to remedy a mediated settlement agreement in the future as you give up your right to a fair court proceeding with the proper due process. Jake was successful at negotiating and taking the proper steps to make up for the gross mishandling of the arbitrator in our case.

A Very Outstanding Lawyer

I was very impressed with Brian and his staff. He has been attentive and thorough in his communication with me and others throughout the entire process

– Song

Very Responsive


Being in a custody battle is painful, hurtful and stressful. I was served to go to court and had a very short amount of time to hire a lawyer. I am thankful Jake responded and met me over the weekend. He took a firm approach but understood my anxiety.


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