Remember the Children: Working Together to Form a Viable Parenting Plan


Remember the Children According to psychologists and psychiatrists, going through a divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. Often, the divorcing couple is so caught up with hurling accusations against each other and worrying about future financial security they use the children as pawns. The couple may have difficulty setting aside their own animosity for the sake of the ... Read More

Parental Alienation: What Is It and How to Prevent It


Parental Alienation Parental alienation occurs when one divorcing parent, the alienating parent, attempts to create a relationship with the children that excludes the other parent from their lives. The children get to a point where they refuse visitation with the target parent and express only negative feelings about that parent. Parental alienation is a very separate issue from children who ... Read More

International Child Abduction: Court Considerations & Preventative Measures


International Child Abduction Immigrants often boast that they may not have been born in Houston, but they got here as soon as possible. No city in the United States is growing more rapidly and more diversely than Houston, Texas. As an international hub of business, nearly a million and a half of Houston’s metropolitan area population six million plus were ... Read More

Who’s in Charge? When Two Jurisdictions Issue Conflicting Child Custody Orders


Image this situation: a prominent television actress has been involved in a child custody battle for more than six years. When the litigation began, the actress and children’s father both lived in Texas, which assumed jurisdiction of the case and granted the couple joint legal and physical custody. Three years after the divorce, the husband, a French citizen, had his ... Read More

Relocation of the Custodial Parent


Custodial Parent Relocation Texas law encourages parents to have equal access to their children. Family law court orders concerning child custody often require the custodial parent to live in a certain geographical area, generally the county where the children currently reside or possibly adjoining counties. Additionally, the custodial parent is expected to allow the noncustodial parent maximum visitation time with ... Read More

Child Support Enforcement When the Paying Parent Resides Out of State


Paying Parent Resides Out of State There are times when a non-custodial parent does not comply with a court order to pay child support. Collection may be difficult when the paying parent has moved out of state. All states have now enacted some form of the Uniform Interstate Child Support Act (UIFSA) which establishes procedures to be followed for enforcing ... Read More

How a Recent DWI Will Affect Your Child Custody Case  


How a Recent DWI Will Affect Your Child Custody Case Under Texas law, divorcing parents are encouraged to share the responsibilities and pleasures of parenthood. They are also charged with the duty of providing a safe and stable environment for their children. The family law court will make its custody decision after reviewing all of the evidence that has been presented. ... Read More

How Drug and Alcohol Issues Affect Child Custody


How Drug and Alcohol Issues Affect Child Custody There are a number of parental issues that can affect child custody. One of those is the drug and alcohol issues of one or both of the parents. Unfortunately, handling the issue is not always as simple as just giving custody of the child to the parent who does not use drugs ... Read More